Stressed Mums!

Stressed Mums doesn’t really fall under the depression and anxiety banner. But sometimes it can feel like that. Particularly stressed mums of babies or young children. Some mums question whether they are suffering from postnatal depression. But what I’m talking about here is different. If you are suffering from postnatal depression, see my post here.

Stressed Mums
Feeling stressed?

To you new mums, particularly if its your first baby. Then please realise that, for some of us, there is an overwhelming sense of responsibility, a feeling of inability to cope, total exhaustion, unable to sleep even though you are so tired, a feeling of being ‘wired’ or on ‘high alert’ with the baby, feeling like your life will never be the same again. Believe it when I say “been there, done that, have the t-shirt”. Whether its your hormones being all over the place, tiredness from night-feeds, personal circumstances; then do not feel alone. I can definitely help. This is a beautiful time of your life and your baby’s life and you have the right to enjoy and treasure it. These few months are precious. If you are not feeling ‘normal’ or feel like you are one of the Stressed Mums then you may need some help. The remedies and protocols I use are safe, natural and effective. They are safe to use if you’re breast-feeding. To find out more information about what I do, see here.

Some mums, whether new or experienced, can feel

  • overwhelmed by the responsibility of parenting
  • stressed to the hilt
  • irritable and angry
  • like they literally could ‘kill’ someone
  • weepy and emotional
  • moods all over the place
  • alone with nobody to help
  • “I just can’t cope”

Everything piles up, one more stress after the other – the house needs to be cleaned, laundry, cooking, school, homework, activities, work, finances, I could go on an on here. If you’re still reading, then you understand what I’m talking about!

Stressed Mum

Stressed Out Mums – you are not alone, there is help. Whether you feel exhausted, hormonal, fed up, sad, weepy, emotional – I can help you. Insomnia, periods all over the place, headaches, sugar cravings, can’t lose weight (and much more) – all this can be helped. It is all about bringing you, your thoughts and emotions, your hormones, your body, your self-worth, back into balance.

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