Sugar Addict! Get Help from Anne Collins

sugar addict

The Sugar Addict Thoughts Script!

I’ll stop tomorrow. I’m going to eat healthy food from now on. It isn’t that hard, other people can do it. I don’t need sugary treats. I’m stopping now. I can say No to those crisps. Did I really eat that much chocolate? Why oh why! Time for ice-cream, its my last day after all. I think I might be a sugar addict?

I deserve this treat, I’ve had a hard day. One biscuit won’t effect me surely, I can stop at one…. can’t I?

I better not eat this much in front of the kids, hide away so they don’t know. Hide the evidence!

I hate myself right now. Why did I do it? One biscuit turned into 20 biscuits, then chocolate, then ice-cream. When will I ever learn? I hate myself so much. I’m a fat slob. I have no willpower….


Stop beating yourself up,

If somebody spoke to your child the way you are speaking to yourself in your own head, you would FREAK!! And you’d tell your child to never listen to that kind of talk.

So why do we do this to ourselves?

Why can’t we just stop the thoughts – and stop the disordered eating?

Sugar is Addictive

Similar to other addictive substances, sugar is so hard to give up because –

  • sugar makes us feel good
  • sugar gives us comfort
  • sugar gives us love (even though this is a very very short-term feeling)
  • it tastes so good
  • there’s so much of it ….. EVERYWHERE
  • all the science-y stuff about stimulating our brain – I’ll let Dr Google tell you these bits
  • sugar gives us energy, especially when we are going through a slump
  • your body is SCREAMING out for this ‘hit’ – and it is extremely hard to say No

Even though you may have made a decision to give up sugar, you are probably struggling to follow through on that decision. Or, maybe you’re too scared or nervous to give it up. What will you replace it with?

The questions you should be exploring are –

  • What started it all in the first place?
  • What comfort were you seeking?
  • When did it start to go out of control?
  • Is your eating disordered?
  • Are you eating sugar because you are fatigued, stressed, worn out?

Of course, the ideal solution is that you are able to eat a little bit every now and then, without it taking over and turning you into a demon desperate for your next ‘hit’.

Is this possible?

Yes it is. Homeopathy can Help!

How Homeopathy can Help the Sugar Addict

  • Making you feel good inside. When you feel good, you tend to eat good.
  • Bringing your hormones and self back into balance
  • Providing specific remedies to take when sugar cravings are bad (there is even a remedy made from sugar which can be good for this – Sacharum).
  • Dealing with, and releasing, any emotional hurts or trauma which may be feeding and causing this addiction.
  • Taking a holistic approach to your well-being – by including any other symptoms or conditions you have in the remedy prescription choice.
  • Breaking that vicious cycle.

There are lots of options to help Sugar Addicts with Homeopathy. Contact me to find out more.

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