Surgery Remedies

Surgery Remedies

Post Surgery Remedies

Using Post Surgery Remedies is a great time to use homeopathy for accelerating the healing process.

People often ask about Surgery Remedies and I’m setting out below the standard mix I recommend.

The Surgery Remedies should be started AFTER surgery, and not before. If you are feeling anxious beforehand then take ACONITE which is a great remedy for fear/anxiety.

If you would prefer an individual prescription; or you are feeling the after-effects from surgery and haven’t been well since – please book an Acute Consultation with me ASAP. I work internationally on Skype/Messenger. You can book here

1. Arnica

Great for bruising, pain and trauma to the body. One of the most commonly used remedies and one of the must-have Post Surgery Remedies.

2. Calendula

Great for accelerated wound healing.

3. Hypericum

Great for pain, especially nerve-type pain. So when there has been any incision, this must be included.

There are other remedies that can be included but I generally stick with these 3; and then add others if needed. Some of these additional ones might be:

Bellis Perennis

This is like a deeper-acting Arnica. If you have taken Arnica as recommended above, and it is just not getting down to the deeper bruising – then switch to Bellis Perennis (Bell-p). If you already have very deep bruising, then consider using this remedy instead of Arnica.


This can be used as one of the Post Surgery Remedies if you are feeling ‘spaced out’ afterwards. Particularly good if your bowel or bladder are struggling to function – retained urine or complete constipation. I would not add this to the above mix. Take it separately ONLY if the symptoms are present.


This remedy is good for people who are very sensitive to anaesthetic and other meds given during surgery, and don’t feel well afterwards. Again, take it separately based on indicated symptoms.


Only if there has been a feeling of invasion or a feeling that others were more in control of you than you were yourself. If you have had previous surgeries, and know that this is an issue for you – then include it.

These are the main Post Surgery Remedies which I’ve recommended many times. They are useful to use for surgery, dental work, c-sections, cosmetic work etc.

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