Teenage Period Problems

Teenage period problems

What are the typical teenage period problems I see?

The following issues are the usual teenage period problems I see in my everyday practice. Homeopathy offers a great solution for teenage girls at this fragile and vulnerable age.

If periods are causing any problems, please do book in for a consultation as hormonal issues respond particularly well to homeopathic remedies.

Painful Periods

Most common complaint when it comes to teenage period problems. And easily solved. You can even have a try at treating this yourself. Look at remedies including Mag-phos (cramping pain, better for hot water bottle and pulling legs up), Colocynthis (cramping pain, better for bending double), Chamomilla (very painful and very irritable), Pulsatilla (pain and feeling chilled, very emotional).

If these are not helping, you should book in for an online consultation with me. There are lots of remedies for painful periods which wouldn’t be as easily accessible as the above.

I often give some of the above remedies anyway alongside a more appropriately chosen remedy to deal with this at a deeper level.

Very Heavy Periods

This can be another common complaint while the hormones settle. Issues like clotting, PCOS, period regularity and other case details will determine the remedy choice.

Irregular Periods

Again, quite a common complaint. Hormonal complaints, particularly irregularity with periods, respond really well to a good prescription of remedies.

PMT & Mood Swings

OK this is something women of all ages could, and probably do, suffer with! Taking the holistic approach, as homeopathy always does, would involve recording the different types of mood swings that are typical for the individual teenage girl along with details of everything else going on. Then a remedy prescription will be given based on the accumulation of this information.

Breast Tenderness

Usually around time of period. If this is a regular issue for a girl, remedies such as Conium or Kali-carb might be a good choice. These remedies have an affinity with the breast along with period problems.

Skin Problems

One of the most emotional upsets regarding teenage period problems is skin complaints – Acne, Pimples, Blackheads, Greasy Skin, Dry Skin. They all cause great emotional upset for teenage girls (and boys). Finding a remedy which has a strong focus on hormones along with skin is key. Therapeutic remedies can be given in a low daily dose to zoom in on the skin specifically.

Anxiety & Depression

This is one of the things I am most known for treating. I’ve lots of experience and know the best Anxiety and Depression remedies available. You can read more HERE.

Food Cravings

Again, this is something that all ages suffer with. Especially with the huge variety of ‘treats’ etc available. Some food cravings are for sweet food such as chocolate (this is the one I hear most often!), biscuits, cakes. Other cravings are for savoury food like crisps, salty food, chips. And then others crave carbs – bread, pasta, chips etc. If the craving is constant and feels like you cannot stop it, then homeopathic help is needed.

Weight Gain

This might be related to out-of-sync hormones, or the outcome of food cravings. Whichever it is, then please know that it can be helped. Remedies focused on balancing hormones along with remedies to deal with any food cravings can be given together.

Periods Slow to Start or Starting Very Young

Some great remedies to deal with these, such as Sabina, Calc, Calc-phos, Ant-c, Causticum, Graphites, Manganum. Lots of options to re-balance this.

With all of the above, finding the best remedies involves taking detailed information on exactly what is going on, also getting a case history and timeline, along with any other health issues now or in the past.

Homeopathy can be used to bring the natural hormonal cycle back into a regular balance and help most teenage period problems.

If you’d like to book an online consultation with me, please do so via my Online Calendar here