The Law of Cure

Law of Cure

Homeopathic Philosophy

The Law of Cure

Homeopathic treatment follows The Law of Cure, where return of health and healing progresses in an orderly direction:

Anxiety in Teenagers

  • From Top → Down – symptoms should start to clear from the top of the body first and then move downwards. For example, acne should clear from the face and neck first, followed by the back and chest.
  • From Within → Without – symptoms should clear from the deep emotional and mental sphere first, followed by the more physical aspects. For example, anxiety should clear first followed by diarrhoea and period problems. But sometimes this can happen simultaneously which is ok as long as the emotional and mental symptoms are improving.
  • From Important Organs → Less Important – this is similar to the above but on a more physical layer. For example, recurring kidney infections should clear first before a skin rash.
  • Reverse Order of Appearance – symptoms should clear in the reverse order of when the person got them. The most recent complaint should clear first, with the earliest complaint clearing last.

When healing begins, the Law of Cure is a really good indicator that a treatment plan is correct.


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