Treat Autism Naturally

treat autism naturally

Can Homeopathy be used to Treat the Symptoms of Autism Naturally?

Yes homeopathy provides a great solution to treating the symptoms of Autism naturally.

What are the possible triggers of Autism?

There may be a combination of one or more of the following factors involved in an Autism case. You will often hear one of these ‘blamed’ on triggering Autism but we must be open to the possibility that a combination of various factors may have been involved. And, a person’s own disposition and life journey always comes into play.

The following factors may exacerbate or aggravate the symptoms associated with Autism.

  1. One of the most widely discussed factors with Autism can be Vaccine Damage (often the MMR is mentioned). You will find plenty of research for and against this argument. When taking a case, I go through a detailed timeline to clarify if vaccination has a possible connection.
  2. Other times there can be a history of Chronic Recurring Infections (chest, ears, throat, etc) and how it impacts on a child.
  3. Sometimes there is Toxic Overload from medications, vaccines or environmental toxins. This may have happened during pregnancy.
  4. Gut Health can have an impact – food intolerances and sensitives are common, gut issues after antibiotics, and/or individual predisposition to digestive issues.
  5. The Emotional Stress & Trauma that we each experience in life. This Emotional Stress & Truama can start in utero before birth, can be experienced during the birthing process, and afterwards in everyday life.
  6. And, of course, most important, our own individual Predisposition to certain complaints. These predispositions can be triggered in early life or sometimes even pre-birth.

How can Homeopathy help with the symptoms associated with Autism?

Let’s go through each of the above possible triggers and see how homeopathy can help treat the symptoms of Autism naturally.

  1. Vaccine Damage – if this is suspected, the best treatment is using Isopathy and Tautopathy. This means giving homeopathic remedies made from the original vaccine(s). This is done alongside standard homeopathic treatment to support the child.
  2. Chronic Recurring Infections -focusing on the particular recurring illness is necessary to clear the recurring pattern. Specific remedies will be prescribed for this.
  3. Toxic Overload -Isopathy and Tautopathy are a distinct possibility in the treatment plan here. Giving homeopathic remedies made from the original toxic substance can help clear the negative imprint on the body. Standard homeopathic treatment is usually given alongside.
  4. Gut Health – children with Autism often have gut issues. Bowel nosodes are remedies which are particularly good for re-balancing a child’s gut. These are usually given alongside standard homeopathic treatment.
  5. Emotional Stress & Trauma – there are many very-specific remedies for whichever stress or trauma has been experienced (abuse, grief, fright, isolation, anxiety, anger, depression, shock, rage etc).
  6. Predispostion – all homeopathic remedies have certain ailments and complaints associated with them. This is where we see our Predisposition to particular disorders, including Autism. Remedies can be prescribed to focus on this predisposition.

Can Homeopathy help the Symptoms associated with Autism?

Yes, homeopathy can help with the symptoms associated with Autism. There is no ‘one size fits all‘ treatment in homeopathy. It must be very tailored and very unique for each particular individual.

Each treatment plan usually follows a step-by-step sequence, depending on whether there are suspected ‘triggers’, and the person’s individual symptoms. A detailed questionnaire will be emailed before the first consultation. This helps to gather a full case history and determines a timeline of possible triggers which may need to be addressed in the child’s past.

When you begin homeopathic treatment, you should be aware that some detoxification reactions may occur as the body responds. These are usually mild and may involve skin rashes, diarrhoea, runny nose/ears/eyes, perspiration, emotional outbursts, etc. It is very individual and does not happen with everyone.

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