Treating Fever Naturally

Treating Fever Naturally

How to Treat Fever Naturally with Homeopathic Medicine

Here’s a list of the top homeopathic remedies for treating Fever naturally.

If you know what is causing the fever (eg. tonsillitis, ear infection) then have a look at the drop-down menu above under Home Use for specific remedies for those complaints.

If you are unsure of what remedy to use and what remedy best matches your symptoms, then you can book an Online Acute Consultation via Skype, Messenger or phone where I can advise you on best remedies, and supply if necessary.

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Treating Fever Naturally with Homeopathic Remedies


Comes on suddenly, often after exposure to cold wind. Midnight is a strong indication. Thirsty. Dilated pupils. Fearful.


Fever which comes around 1am. Chill followed by fever. Feels cold. Thirsty for small sips. Anxious and restless.


Important remedy for high fevers. Dry burning fever. Starts suddenly. Hot and looks hot – face red and hot. Hands and feet feel cold. Thirstless. Pains are throbbing. Can be delirious with fever.


Slow onset of illness and fever. Tremendous thirst for large amounts. Very irritable and prefers to be alone. Does not want to move or talk.


Fever in young children. Often associated with teething. Child will be irritable and wants to be held and carried around.

Ferr Phos

Fever with no other symptoms. Early stages of fever.


Fever with fatigue, weakness and exhaustion. Eyelids heavy and drooping. Sore limbs. Chills up and down spine. Shivering. Good flu remedy.


Body hot, limbs cold. Temps that fluctuate (wants to be covered, then wants to kick off covers). Chilly and thirstless. Clingy, moaning and whinging.

There are lots of other homeopathic medicines for treating Fevers so if the above does not match your case, you should contact me for an Acute Consultation. You can book that here

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