Treating Hyperemesis Naturally

Is there a way of treating hyperemesis naturally? Yes there is.

Are you suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum? Or very severe ‘morning sickness’? I know only too well what hyperemesis feels like – a living hell. But there is hope. And I can help you. Read on  …

HyperemesisI suffered with hyperemesis on my first two pregnancies and spent most of the time in hospital on an IV drip getting re-hydrated. I wasted away to virtually nothing and was vomiting pretty much every 15 minutes. I felt like I was nearly dead to be honest – so so ill, exhausted beyond belief, completely isolated. There was no going out to the shops looking at all the lovely little things you can buy for baby. No going shopping for prams. No planning anything. No maternity clothes shopping. I wasn’t even able to shower or wash my hair myself as I was so weak.

I tried lots of holistic therapies for hyperemesis, including homeopathy, and nothing worked for me. I treated myself and sought out other homeopaths, who tried all the ‘usual’ remedies but alas no improvement. I had it right through the pregnancies until labour kicked in, and then suddenly I was back to normal. Full of energy, strong, capable, my usual self again – and after having hyperemsis for 8 months the labours seemed so doable.

After the first pregnancy, I thought it wouldn’t happen again as I am an eternal optimist. So I went into the second pregnancy full of enthusiasm and positivity …. surely I won’t get hyperemesis again? – but I did. So before the third pregnancy I got prepared! Went through so many of the books on remedies, which are huge by the way, and did some real soul searching. And I found some remedies that could potentially help. Not the ‘usual’ remedies, these were ones that I had never heard of before and don’t hear spoken about much. And … they helped. They really did.

The third pregnancy went the same way as the other two. Hyperemesis in full force and the horrendous vomiting kicked in about week 5 and I rapidly deteriorated. I became so ill so quickly that I couldn’t even think properly so didn’t take any remedies for a couple of weeks as I wasn’t capable of even remembering them. But then I did take them and the vomiting stopped, and I felt better. And then I felt even better again. The remedies worked! Still had bits of nausea and the odd vomiting but I just kept repeating the remedies or took new ones as needed.

Since then, I have treated many women with hyperemesis (law of attraction?). I also work with women coaching them for using remedies during labour (see my Childbirth Pack). So I know these remedies so well – back-to-front and inside-out. And my own first-hand experience has given me a real insight and knowledge as to how you actually feel physically and emotionally when you have hyperemesis, and what is needed to treat you. I’m sure you find the same scenario with your loved ones suggesting eating dried crackers or ginger (or other bits of wisdom which usually does help morning sickness) – but anyone who has had hyperemesis knows this is futile. This isn’t your typical morning sickness. It is deep and takes over your whole being.

If you are suffering with hyperemesis, then I can help. This probably won’t be a one remedy fixes all approach. A combination and sequence of remedies is usually required. This combination and sequence is determined by me and can be different for each woman but the main remedies usually stay the same.

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Finally, whether you find an answer or not for your hyperemesis, let me tell you that in a short space of time you will have your new beautiful baby and everything will be ok again.

Happy Baby

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