Treating Sore Throats Naturally

Sore Throats

This post sets out the top homeopathic remedies for treating sore throats naturally. Same remedies for Tonsillitis.

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Treating Sore Throats & Tonsillitis Naturally

  • Aconite

Sudden onset. After being out in a cold, dry wind. Early stage of illness. Comes on around midnight. Dry, rough, burning throat. Hoarseness. Fever with dilated pupils. Restless and fearful.

  • Arsenicum

Burning pains. Ulcerated throats. Better for warm drinks (even though throat is hot and burning). Anxious and restless.

  • Belladonna

Red, hot, throbbing pains. Rawness in throat. Tonsils inflamed and red. Painful to swallow. Accompanied by fever. External throat sensitive and sore. Thirstless.

  • Causticum

Constant burning, dry, raw throat. Choking sensation, throat feels restricted. Worse for talking. Desire to swallow. Hoarseness remains after throat has healed. Can come on if they feel they were treated unfairly.

  • Gelsemium

Slow onset. Flu and flu-like symptoms. Rough, burning pain in throat. Pains extend into ear. Lump sensation. Shivering and chilly. Feeling of heaviness and aching. Exhaustion.

  • Hepar Sulph

Severe splinter-like stitching pain. Rawness. Tonsils inflamed and ulcerated. Big remedy if there’s suppuration or pus. Pain extends to ears on swallowing. Very irritable. Very cold and better for warm drinks. Worse for touch, wind, open air or even a draught.

  • Ignatia

Sore throat after emotional upset (grief, shock, quarrel etc). Lump sensation in throat.

  • Lachesis

Left-hand side. Very painful. Lump sensation in throat. Better for swallowing solids, worse for swallowing liquids. Hawks to relieve lump feeling. Talkative and excitable.

  • Merc Sol or Merc Viv

Ulcerated throat and/or tonsils with pus spots. Very painful. Foul breath. Yellow coated tongue. Lots of saliva. Thirsty and may be sweaty. Usually in bad form.

  • Phosphorous

Dry, raw sore throat. Voice very hoarse. Tonsils inflamed. Laryngitis. Thirsty for cold water.

  • Pulsatilla

Throat dry. Larynx irritated, tickling, feels rough and raw from coughing. Better for fresh air. Weepy and clingy. Doesn’t want to be alone.