Vaccine Antidote

Vaccine Antidote

Can you use homeopathy as a Vaccine Antidote?

Yes, by using what we call Tautopathy.

Tautopathy involves prescribing a potentised remedy made from a specific vaccine (or drug/toxin).

This method is usually given alongside traditional (aka classical) homeopathy.

It is important to realise that not every vaccine/drug/toxin should be detoxed using Tautopathy. It is only necessary to detox a substance if it has had a negative impact on a person – ie. side-effects, unwell since, etc. A lot of children, teens and adults, have no long-term side effects so don’t need to be detoxed.

In some cases, Tautopathy is not required as a more classical homeopathic remedy is more closely indicated.

But Tautopathy is a great way of treating vaccine damage and it is a method I use more often than not.

How is the Vaccine Antidote prescribed?

The Vaccine Antidote is typically prescribed over a 2 to 3 month period. This involves giving low doses of the remedy initially and gradually increasing the dose over the time period. This allows me to gauge the reactions and adjust the prescription accordingly if needed.

The remedy is in the form of small pillules taken once or twice a week. Additional remedies are usually prescribed, either daily/weekly/monthly (these can be either small pillules or liquid drops).

My own clinical experience shows really positive results using this method.

For more information on using homeopathy to detox toxic substances, read HERE.

This method of Vaccine Antidote can be used to antidote and detox the HPV Vaccine, children’s vaccine schedules, travel vaccines, flu vaccines, etc.

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