Weight Loss Using Homeopathy

Weight Loss Using Homeopathy

There are lots of remedies to stimulate Weight Loss but getting down to the reasons why you are overweight, or why you are struggling to lose weight, needs to be examined.

Why do we struggle with weight loss?

There are a couple of reasons for weight loss struggles. I’m listing them here, but a lot of time there is more than one of these reasons holding us back.

1. Stressed Out & Exhausted

We are exhausted – stressed out, wrecked tired, overwhelmed by responsibility, can’t catch up on our sleep. Our busy lives working, minding families, housework, children’s activities, catch up and take a toll on our wellbeing. Feeling STRESSED & TIRED causes us to reach for energy-filled foods.

Homeopathy offers a chance to rebalance our emotions and wellbeing, our physical strength, our sleep patterns, our ‘wired but tired’ rut.

Take a moment now to think about your life – does this sound like you? Do you think you are pushing yourself too much? Do you feel stressed and exhausted?

2. Hormones!

Where do I start! Ok I’m speaking to women here (as I know what being a woman is like). OUT OF BALANCE HORMONES create havoc!!!

The menstrual cycle can be an emotional roller-coaster for some women. PMT, irritability, mood swings, crying, irrational reactions. And then some women are overwhelmed with exhaustion and tiredness around their periods – so a quick hit of energy and comfort is found in that chocolate bar, those bag of crisps, the biscuits, sweets, icecream, whatever food you crave at these times.

Please stop beating yourself up. You are just following your natural instincts (TIRED & EMOTIONAL = ENERGY HIT REQUIRED).

Homeopathy is so so good at balancing our hormones. Especially if your periods are irregular, excessively heavy, clotted, painful, unpredictable.

If you’ve just had a baby (or indeed had a baby in the last 10 years), are going through the peri-menopause/menopause, or feeling like you’ve no control over your hormonal swings – then contact me for a free assessment.

If you have been on OCP (Oral Contraceptive Pill) or other hormonal treatments (such as IVF) and your weight has increased, or you are struggling to lose weight, then a hormone detox is required. For more information, please read HERE.

3. Food & Sugar Cravings

This goes with the above but can also be a habit or crutch that we latch on to, regardless of stress levels or hormones.

So your intentions are great and you are trying really hard. But, somehow, you end up giving in each day to those sugary treats. Or, for some people, it is savoury treats like crisps and chips. It is so difficult to stop those cravings, they get worse, they give you a very very short-term positive feeling but it doesn’t last long.

What if there was a remedy you could take at that moment when the cravings hit? Well there is!

There are some very specific remedies to deal with food and sugar cravings which I regularly use in my clinic.

I usually prescribe these alongside customised remedies for the particular weight issues of a particular case.

4. Thyroid or Physical Issues

Sometimes there are physical reasons for weight issues. Your thyroid might be hypo, you may be suffering with a physical condition which limits your movements, such as Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, other.

Homeopathy offers a solution for these conditions too. In these cases, a customised approach is needed to put together a treatment plan which deals with the underlying health issues.

5. Emotional Well-being

Ok this is key to weight loss.

If you don’t feel good, or at peace, then there’s a good chance you won’t mind yourself right and make good food choices.

This is where Homeopathy really shines ♥

Dealing with your exact case, your story, your reasons, and prescribing remedies which match these details can improve your emotional health and well-being.

So if you are struggling with emotional upset, grief and heartache, anxiety, depression, Postnatal Depression, OCD, childhood trauma, homeopathy can bring this all back into balance.

And the good news is that I can help with all of these.

You don’t need to reduce your food-intake just for weight loss. Why go hungry? It is not feasible in the long-term. But I do understand that if you are not feeling your usual self, and especially if you feel emotional and exhausted, then the tendency is probably to eat what you wouldn’t usually eat – take-aways, sugary food, sugary drinks. Why – because we’re looking for that quick energy hit. Sugar cravings can explode when we’re tired or hormonal – and it can be progressive, continually getting worse, and a very very hard cycle to break.

And then what happens – our thoughts and emotions start kicking us when we’re down!

Self-criticism, guilt, promising ourselves we’ll start on Monday, negative and damaging self-thoughts and feelings. Sound familiar? Does this get us anywhere? Definitely not. Just makes us feel a whole lot worse.

But it becomes a viscious cycle that can be hard to get out of. A habit that is difficult to break.

And then we tend to forget how amazing we really are. We focus on the negative, but what about all the great things you do each and every day? Take a moment to think about that.

Happiness and contentment are the key to weight loss

This is the answer. When you’re feeling happy and content within yourself, then anything is possible. When you’re feeling crap, you get stuck in a negative rut.

Happiness and contentment is achievable – I see it all the time.

Taking remedies that match you and your life can re-balance your hormones, help with sleep, stimulate weight loss, and definitely help with those food/sugar cravings.

This is where homeopathy really comes into its own. Bringing you back to a more balanced state, to be able to feel happiness and contentment within yourself. Then anything really is possible.

You will find that you naturally start to eat healthier, you will get back exercising or doing the hobbies and activities that you love and make you feel alive.

You will feel good again ♥

If you’re struggling with weight loss or feeling ‘stuck’ in some way, please do book in for a FREE 15 min chat to discuss how I can help. You can book this chat, or a full consultation, via my Online Calendar here

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