Weight Loss for New Mums

There are lots of remedies to stimulate Weight Loss but this post focuses on Weight Loss after having a baby but also relates to anybody else who is struggling with weight loss.

Why do new mums struggle with weight loss?

Ok, this is my own opinion and experience on why we can struggle with weight loss.

  1. We are exhausted – stressed out, wrecked tired from night-feeds, overwhelmed by responsibility, can’t catch up on our sleep. If you are feeling stressed out, then read my post on Stressed Mums.
  2. Hormones! Need I say any more!
  3. Sugar cravings.
  4. Emotional well-being.

Weight Loss

And the good news is that I can help with all three. And can help baby if there’s sleep issues too. Read down for more info …

I’m not a believer in reducing your food-intake just for weight loss. Especially if you have a new baby. Why go hungry? It is not feasible in the long-term. But I do understand that if you are not feeling your usual self, and especially if you feel exhausted, then the tendency is probably to eat what you wouldn’t usually eat – take-aways, sugary food, sugary drinks. Why – because we’re looking for that quick energy hit. Sugar cravings can explode when we’re tired or hormonal – and it can be progressive, continually getting worse, and a very very hard cycle to break.

And then what happens – our thoughts and emotions start kicking us when we’re down! Self-criticism, guilt, promising ourselves we’ll start on Monday, negative and damaging self-thoughts and feelings. Sound familiar? Does this get us anywhere? Definitely not. Just makes us feel a whole lot worse. But it becomes a viscious cycle that can be hard to get out of. The media bombards us with celebrity mums whose bodies are back to normal within 2 days! Wouldn’t it be great to have nannies, nutritionists, chefs, maids? Actually, probably not.

And the real honest truth of it all is that you are amazing. You have given birth and life to this wonderful new person. You did good girl.

I’m exhausted!

There’s lots of reasons why you could be exhausted – new baby so you’re definitely doing night-feeds, older children so you’re not getting a chance to nap during the day, baby has colic, reflux, eczema – these can have a huge impact on the whole household as it tends to disturb everybody’s sleep. You can’t switch off at night, feel ‘wired’ or on ‘high alert’. You keep waking up to hear if baby is ok. You keep waking for no reason at all. You’re sweating during the night. Hormones are all over the place – this really disturbs sleep.

All this, and more, can be helped with homeopathic remedies.

Yes I’m exhausted – because my baby won’t sleep. What can I do?

I totally get this. In fact, any time I’m treating a woman after having a baby who is exhausted, hormonal, stressed, depressed or anxious, I always ask how the baby is sleeping and are there any other problems, like colic, reflux or eczema which play havoc with a baby’s sleep. If there are, then I usually send a remedy for the baby along with the mum’s remedies to help the whole situation. Sometimes the baby’s case may need to be taken separately but I can advise you on this when we speak.

Hormones all over the place!

There are such great remedies for this. Hormones can go off sync anyway, never mind after just having had a baby. But after a baby, hormones can take a while to settle and sometimes they don’t and you need some help.

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Weight Loss

Hormones cause mood swings (oh yes I hear ya!) – anger, irritability, rage, shouting, crying, disconnected, anxiety, sadness, depression. If you are suffering from postnatal depression please read my post here. Hormones out of balance do not help with weight loss that’s for sure.

Happiness and contentment are the key to weight loss

This is the answer. When you’re feeling happy and content within yourself, then anything is possible. When you’re feeling crap, you get stuck in a negative rut. Happiness and contentment is achievable – I see it all the time. Taking remedies that match you and your life can re-balance your hormones, help with sleep, stimulate weight loss, and definitely help with those sugar cravings.

Sugar cravings – you can’t stop them, they get worse, they can make you feel good (but only in the very short-term), cause guilt, self-criticism, beat ourselves up, and play absolute havoc with weight loss. There are some specific remedies for sugar cravings, which can be taken daily and repeated when you feel a craving coming on. These remedies work alongside your ‘main’ remedy and I have found this to be the best treatment. Bringing you back into balance, while reducing the sugar cravings.

This is where homeopathy really comes into its own. Bringing you back to a more balanced state, to be able to feel happiness and contentment within yourself. Then anything really is possible. You will find that you naturally start to eat healthier, you will get back exercising or doing the hobbies and activities that you love and make you feel alive. You will feel good again.

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