Working with Anne Collins

Working Together

What is the Process of working with Anne Collins?

Hey there I’m glad you’ve come to this page because I don’t want you to book anything with me until you know who I am, how I work, and to see if we could work together.

This is what this page is about – can we work together?

Because if we can’t, let’s not take it any further. But if we can, then great – I’m totally committed as I hope you will be.

The reason I’ve put this page together is because I am in the process of phasing out my 15 min free online chats, as I am just not a natural salesperson (I’m the opposite – a bit shy and definitely a bit quirky!) so would rather just get down to the business of treating your needs.

Please note that this page is very much directed to adult clients. Children tend to react differently to adults, usually within a quicker timeframe. But, as always, it is very individual.

Working Together

Homeopathy offers real and effective possibilities and potential. For this to work, we BOTH must be

  • honest
  • open-minded
  • want to see change
  • be a little bit brave

This is about improving your life. This is about changing your life. We are in this together.

Depending on your condition/symptoms, there will be no blame or guilt, no judgement involved. We accept the situation and take steps to move forward and change your life for the better.

Step-by-Step Procedures

My approach is the safest and most effective route that I know. I’ve learned this over my many years of being a homeopath.

My approach offers a long-term, natural and positive approach to your health and well-being with –

  • no side-effects
  • no toxicity
  • and non-addictive

Obviously, the process is tailored on a case-by-case basis but the following steps are a general guideline of what you should expect.

The Process of Working Together

So the process usually follows this format –

You should be committed to 4 consultations spread out over a 4 month period.

This can vary due to individuality as some people (particularly children) respond much quicker than others. But I want to be upfront and honest – for the best possible results, you should plan for 4 consultations.

Niamh suffered with debilitating anxiety but only needed treatment for two months which shows that every case is unique, just as every person is unique. You can read about her story HERE.

Month 1 – Take your Case

On booking your first consultation, you will be emailed a detailed questionnaire which you should fill out with as much information as possible and send back to me at least 24 hours before our first meeting. This questionnaire allows you to record sensitive material that you might not want to say out loud, or discuss. It also gives you time to think about the answers for each question.

The first consultation is online via Skype or Messenger and we will go through your exact symptoms in detail. We will also put together a timeline of your life and health history. Be prepared for some weird and wonderful questions !

We will also clarify any information from the questionnaire if necessary.

Following this, I then analyse your case and put together a prescription of remedies best suited to you and your case. If you are in Ireland, UK or Europe, I can supply these remedies; for overseas clients, a prescription will be emailed to you with details for your nearest homeopathic supplier.

You then take this prescription for one month. But we will have a mid-month update via email.

Month 2 – Analyse Remedy Reaction

Your second consultation allows us to gauge your initial reaction to the first prescription. Depending on your reaction, we can then either revise and adjust your prescription as necessary OR enhance and optimise your treatment.

You take your second prescription for Month 2.

Expected Outcomes – You should experience a reduction and improvement in your symptoms. Frequency and severity of symptoms should reduce. Your health or well-being issue should be having a less negative impact on your life. You may experience a return of old symptoms – this is a good sign as the body works through the root causes. If you do experience a return of old symptoms, this is usually very short-term and easily manageable. Remedies can be given if necessary.

Month 3 – Evaluate Treatment

Your third consultation allows us to evaluate your overall reaction to treatment and pinpoint any deep rooted issues that need specific treatment. We are able to respond with necessary prescription adjustments at this stage. In most cases, a continuation of a similar prescription is required; and in some cases, no necessary treatment is required at all.

You take your third prescription (if needed) for Month 3.

Expected Outcomes – continued improvement with a much more positive sense of health and well-being. At this stage, some evidence of deep layers may appear – this may be inherited (miasmatic) or from trauma, accidents or ill health earlier in life. These deep layers can be easily treated with homeopathy.

Month 4 – Assess Overall Reaction

This is where we decide on the next steps – whether treatment is complete, partially-complete, or needs further treatment.

Possible Outcomes at this Stage

  1. You are fully improved – no further treatment required.
  2. Your condition/symptoms are greatly improved and you feel you are able to go it alone without further treatment. And you are aware that if your symptoms start to reappear you should contact me immediately for a top-up treatment. Sometimes this is done on a phased basis.
  3. Your condition/symptoms are improved but some further short-term treatment is required.
  4. Your condition/symptoms are too deeply ingrained to cease treatment at this stage – continued treatment required.
  5. You experienced no improvement at all – this is highly unlikely as this will have been highlighted earlier in the process and dealt with.

If all this sounds acceptable and you’re committed to giving it a try, then we are good to go! You can book via my Online Calendar now

If you are still unsure, and want to ask me some questions, then you can book my 15 min FREE online chat. But be aware I am in the process of phasing these out. Alternatively, you can email me at or use the contact form HERE.