Anne Collins, Homeopath

Hi and welcome to my website where I try to share the experience of working directly with me. I’ve been working as a homeopath for many years.

I have developed a new method of case prescribing based on my many years of analytical work before I qualified as a homeopath. This now allows me to reduce the time to take your case whilst maintaining the same level of skill I’ve always provided. Which results in reduced costs for you – please see HERE for new prices.

I have pondered the idea of mixing my analytical background with my homeopath head for some time thinking that by amalgamating the two I could offer better value for time and money for both myself and you, the client. My time is really precious to me, as I’m sure yours is too, and the year 2020 gave me the opportunity to change things up for the better. It seemed like we were given extra time at home to delve into our lives and decide what really actually matters.

How does this work?
  • Consultations will be no fuss, no mess, direct and to the point 30 minute appointments.
  • Everybody is the one price – adults, children, babies.
  • This is about value for time and money. I’m not going to waste any of your time or money, or my own, when a case can be taken efficiently and productively. I feel very strongly about this.
  • Just because my prices are lower does not mean I’m not as good. Far from it. I have many years experience, and I lecture and supervise students and other homeopaths with their case work. Because of this, I am able to hone down to what you need and which remedies match you best.
  • I have a natural ability and really enjoy analytical work. This is why case analysis comes easy to me and I love finding good matching remedies by delving into individual symptoms and information.
  • I am registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths and fully insured. Which means you can claim from your health insurance policy if the costs of a homeopath are allowed. Please check your policy first.
  • Clients within Ireland, UK and Europe will have their remedies posted to them as part of the consultation process. Clients outside of Europe will receive an email prescription with details for their nearest homeopathic pharmacy.
  • I’m not interested in investing my cherished time marketing to you; I’d rather invest this time finding the best matching remedies for you. (I have no natural ability or desire for sales and marketing!)
  • This new method of case taking and prescribing will be on a trial basis initially. If I need to tweak along the way, that is what I will do.
  • There will be a 45 min consultation available for cases with particularly complex issues and needs. If you feel this consult is a better fit for you or your child, please book one of my free discovery calls first so we can discuss.
  • All consults, including the free discovery call, can be booked via the button below