Childbirth Pack Coaching

Are you having a Baby?

Hello and congratulations on your soon-to-be new arrival. You may have seen posts online about using homeopathic remedies and the Childbirth Pack during your labour / childbirth. And are wondering are they for you?

The Childbirth Pack can be used for all types of births and, over the years,  I have developed a 1-2-1 coaching class for expecting mums and dads who want to use homeopathic remedies during the birth of their baby. The remedies cover so much on how we experience our labour and birth of our baby.

Feedback from Mums I’ve coached to use the Childbirth Pack

Here’s what one mum said –

“Cannot recommend this enough!!! Took on my second baby and helped move my labour along when it was taking forever!! Epidural didn’t work, it helped with that too and I bounced back from the whole experience!!! Best thing I ever did!” Mel, Kildare

Another woman –

“This brilliant lady turned my baby during labour cannot recommend enough!! Get this pack and this lady!!”

I have coached many pregnant women on using the Childbirth Pack over the years and have developed my own easy-to-use instruction booklet, which your partner can also use. 

The Childbirth Coaching Package contains –
  • 18 remedies in a small hard case
  • Childbirth Booklet which I have developed myself and is very easy to use and follow and contains instructions on the after-birth healing remedy mix
  • 1 hour 1-2-1 online coaching session with me where we will go through everything and you can ask any questions or discuss any issues – this allows us to focus on any worries you may have

You can also purchase the Childbirth Pack from me without the 1-2-1 coaching session. You will still receive my Booklet. 

When booking the Coached Session for the Childbirth Pack, please allow one week for remedy kit and booklet to be posted to you.

To book a Coached Session and the Childbirth Pack, please go to my online calendar here


After childbirth, homeopathy is very popular with parents who want to use a more natural approach to their family healthcare. For more information on homeopathy for babies, please read HERE.