Constipation & Homeopathy

If you, or your child’s constipation, is a short-term acute complaint then I’m listing some popular remedies below.

If the constipation is an ongoing complaint it would be better to have a full consultation to determine the best remedy and treatment plan.

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Calc Carb 30 – very popular remedy for constipation. Person is not really bothered, and has no discomfort, with being constipated. Stool is large and hard and can be pale in colour. Person is usually easy-going but can be stubborn.

Causticum – stool difficult to expel. May be soft in texture or covered in mucous. Crampy, colicky pains. Stool passes easier if standing. Very sensitive perople who do not like injustice.

Lycopodium 30 – tummy bloated and rumbling with gas. Lots of flatulence and feels better for passing wind. Stools hard, knotty. Can be worriers and feel they’re not good enough even though they are very capable.

Mag Mur 30 – constipation from milk. Straining to pass stool but nothing happens. Stools passed with great difficulty and come as small balls. Cramping pains. Anxious and does not like confrontation.

Nat Mur 30 – straining to pass stool but nothing happens. When stool does come, they feel there’s still more to go. Stools can be small and crumbling. Tendency to be reserved people who bottle things up emotionally.

Nux Vomica 30 – constant desire to pass stool but very little or nothing passes. Feels there’s still more to go. Can alternate with diarrhoea. Stools are hard and large. May have over-indulged at a party etc. Irritable and hard to please.

Silica 30 – stool is very difficult to pass. Grunts and strains to get it out. Stool can come partially out but then recedes back in. Can burn afterwards. Can be delicate people but also very determined within themselves.

Some of these remedies sound quite similar! So telling them apart sometimes comes down to the emotions or characteristics of the person.

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