The Mask of Depression Gone for Good

This is the story of how GK, a man, went through 23 years of deep depression and anxiety. And how we worked together to find a homeopathic remedy which brought him out of this dark depression and back into his life where he now enjoys family life, his work, a full night’s sleep and, most importantly, peace of mind.

Before I tell you more about him, here are his own words…

“I had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. I had lost a son in 1988 and also been electrocuted in our house the Christmas of the same year. A few years after that I started taking anti depressants and have been on them and various doses of them ever since. I felt outside my own life and that of my children and wife, like everything was going on around me, numbed out of the joy and numbed out of the depression. The anxiety I still suffered was unreal, maybe 5 hours sleep awake at 5 or 6 am, heart racing with worries, everything wrong, weeks spent in bed not able to get up. I wanted to do my work but I just had no power no energy. I could write a list as long as your arm. Anne was recommended to my wife by a friend of hers who had had migraine and had helped her. She told us she is like a gardener she gets the gloves on and gets digging!!! I was very nervous going up to see her. I told her some things what I could think of including the death of my son and the electrocution. Anne asked me where I felt the electric shock most and I said my head, I thought my head would explode. No one had ever listened to that symptom ever, it had no significance in the medical world. I was given a remedy to take daily for a month and a follow up meeting was arranged for a months time. I didn’t notice much of a change for a week to 10 days but after that daily I began to improve. I felt more present in the world around me, my family, my wife, my farm. My concentration came back, my interest in day to day things just opened up. I started to enjoy life, holidays, nights out, family meals and just ordinary things. It wasn’t a high but a feeling of being alive and present. That was 18 months ago. In all that time I had 1 slight anxiety attack at about 3 months into homeopathy treatment. I contacted Anne and a new remedy was given and to this day I am anxiety free. To be able to sleep all night every night, to wake up in good form, to laugh, to be comfortable going out, to be able to do my work is just new life to me. I am still on antidepressants but they have been reduced to 3 per day instead of 5 a day. I suppose the biggest thing I did is to go into a travel agents and buy a sun holiday for myself and my wife, plan it all and give it to her for her birthday. In 30 years of marriage I had never done anything like that. Everyone says I look great now and I feel great just grand not a high just grand. What more could ye ask for. Thank You Anne, G. K., Westmeath”

GK came to me with his very honest story. He was nervous and unsure when we first met but he was open and willing to share and explain what had happened.

Triggers for Depression and Anxiety

Two really important things had happened all those years ago which seemed to trigger his depression and anxiety. His beautiful little son had died, and he had been electrocuted a few months later. Before this, he was outgoing and happy, a hard-working farming man.

His main symptoms were:

  • Morning time was the worst time for him re his depression and anxiety. Some days unable to get out of bed at all
  • Very low energy
  • No motivation for work or personal life
  • Sweating profusely
  • Sleep very disturbed, waking frequently
  • Withdrawn
  • Mind racing, over and over
  • Felt he couldn’t cope
  • Negative thinking

He spoke of some other physical symptoms and in-depth issues which helped to decide on the best remedy for him.

Being a partner of someone with Depression

This is what his wife said about his depression, and his treatment with homeopathy:

“The effects of depression on our family unit and me was horrendous. I felt I had two men in my life and never knew which one I’ll have today or when the one I married is coming back. There is no support group for us, no help nothing for the spouse. Cancer, fractures etc generally have a timeline but depression doesn’t. When the health of the sufferer returns, the Carer is totally worn out, unable to celebrate, terrified in case it returns. This was before homeopathy of course. I have my husband back now, my children have their father. Words can’t express it all x”

He was on a number of medications which he had been taking for years but felt they were not doing anything for him. But he was afraid to come off them in case it made everything worse.

He finished off by saying how he was sure he had forgotten to tell me stuff. I replied that I was sure I’d forgotten to ask him stuff! But we had a good case, and I felt positive about the remedy choice.

Treating Depression Naturally

I prescribed the remedy Kali-brom.

He checked in with me regularly, sometimes coming to see me in person, sometimes doing it on the phone. And the treatment progressed with remedies being repeated, and changed, along the way. But the main remedy was always Kali-brom.

He was treated every month for the first 5 months and then we were able to space appointments further apart. His improvement progressed to a point where he was able to speak with his doctors about weaning down his medication.

I have seen GK a couple of times since then. His depression and anxiety are completely gone so treatment is now focused on a few small physical ailments.

The outcome has been so positive. If you read his own words earlier in the post, you’ll see that he is back in his life. People like GK inspire me and meeting him, and others, makes me feel grateful and remind me of how much I love my work. And how wonderful homeopathy can be.

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