Eczema – a Natural Approach

Writing this blog  gave me a chance to go back through some of my casework. The key to using homeopathy is getting the correct details of the complaint alongside the individual characteristics and traits of the person.

The generic information of skin being dry, red, itchy just isn’t enough to find the best matching remedy (or remedies).

The right questions need to be asked and answered. And this information MUST be linked into the holistic information of each individual; because homeopathy always treats the person not the dis-ease label or name.

Knowing the top remedies for Eczema allows the right questions to be asked. People can get caught up thinking the remedy Sulphur is the best remedy for Eczema. I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s not!

Always with homeopathy, remedies are chosen on the full and complete holistic picture. Remedies are never prescribed just on skin symptoms alone. All symptoms and issues must be recorded, along with individual and unique characteristics and traits. Two people presenting with similar symptoms will more often than not be prescribed two different remedies (because they are two different individuals).

Homeopathy can be used for all ages – babies, children and adults.

I want to share some stories of homeopathy and Eczema.

1. The ‘Scalded’ Baby

This baby’s skin looked like it had been scaled. The reddest of the red, dryness beyond belief, and insane itching. Sleep was drastically affected – as was Mum and Dad’s. They were getting up over and over, every night, trying to help their little baby.

Obviously there was a lot more to this case than just these few symptoms. A full case was taken to include all information to the individuality of this child.

The remedy Tuberculinum was prescribed because the holistic picture of the individual matched, including some of the skin systems presented in this case. Within 3 days the itch was drastically reduced. The mum said that this alone made a huge difference. Tuberculinum was prescribed for nearly 5 months, with potency changing periodically. The whole family benefited, and the skin progressively cleared.

* Please do not prescribe homeopathic remedies for eczema, or any complaint, without working with a professional registered homeopath.

2. The Head-Case

A toddler with eczema on the head, around the face and scalp. The itch was extreme, and skin would ooze and bleed after scratching. Skin is also very sensitive – face immediately reacts after tomatoes or tomato-based sauce.

The remedy Oleander was prescribed.

As above, this remedy was chosen because of all the individual and characteristics relevant to the case. Homeopathy is never prescribed on symptoms alone; remedies are prescribed because they match the whole and complete person. Potency and dosage was also carefully chosen.

Skin cleared over the course of a few months.

3. Hot Eczema

This was an unusual case of Eczema. Skin was covered with a rash all over legs, groin and arms. Red, raw, and dry. Doesn’t get itchy (this is the unusual part). Skin feels really hot where the rash is bad. Also has a constant runny nose.

A full case was taken to include the individual characteristic traits – so that the remedy matches the person, rather than just a few symptoms.

The remedy prescribed for this case was one which matched the peculiar symptoms of this case.  But also the temperament and personality of the child. Very specific potency and dosage were needed in this case.

Very positive response.

4. The Usual Suspect

This case responded really well to one of the well-known Eczema remedies – Silica. Diagnosed with Eczema at 4 months but it got worse at 6 months. Skin flared and became red raw, dry and flaky. Scratches until bleeds. Now spread to the face. Skin is sensitive to most creams.

This case showed really generic eczema symptoms, which would make choosing a remedy difficult, if the holistic picture of the child hadn’t been included. This is why taking a full and complete case is so important – treat the person, not the symptoms!!!

There are so many other remedies worth considering too. The list would be too much to include here.

* Please do not prescribe homeopathic remedies for eczema, or any complaint, without working with a professional registered homeopath.

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