Anxiety & Insomnia Gone in 2 Months

“Anne Collins treated me for insomnia and anxiety and I can safely say I have never felt more looked after and listened to in consultation with any practitioner. Anne is so thorough, and didn’t leave a stone unturned when asking me questions in order to get the right remedies for me. Her remedies gave me such support, and I felt such reassurance from my contact with Anne.

I am a hundred times better now than I was, my insomnia is gone and my anxiety is so much better, I am managing so well. I felt the perfect remedies were chosen for me, Anne is clearly amazingly intuitive and exceptional at what she does. I would happily recommend her to anyone, especially anyone suffering anxiety or insomnia. Not only were the remedies she chose perfect for me – and they helped me daily and at all times that I felt I needed them throughout the day or night – but also the phonecalls with Anne helped me so much; that contact and support and reassurance were absolutely vital to me at the time and I am forever grateful to Anne for what she did for me. I am truly amazed at what was achieved, I am like a different person compared with how I was two months ago. Anne’s compassion and empathy shine through and she clearly excels at what she does. I am so grateful to her.

And, with the help of Anne’s remedies, I was able to avoid prescription drugs for anxiety and sleep.” NM, Ireland

Anxiety & Depression

“I was suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety. I went to see Anne at the suggestion from a relative of mine. I absolutely have no regrets. I found that Anne took such a detailed history that I had great confidence that she was really working her hardest to help me. She listened intently to what I had to say. I never felt rushed and she was always accessible to me during my treatment which was invaluable. I found a immediate feeling of recovery as the remedies were catered to my needs. Thanks to Anne I learned a lot about myself during that time. I have converted to a holistic approach to my health and well being after my visit to Anne.” MT, Ireland

Postnatal Depression

“This lady is a fantastic homeopath. When I attended Anne I was pregnant with a real fear of suffering from postnatal depression having had a severe bout after a previous pregnancy. After a full case history I was commenced on a remedy that not only settled my hormones during pregnancy but prevented any signs of depression returning.. I also rang her when in the last stages of labour as my son was breech and within minutes she was able to instruct me what to take to turn my baby and prevent me having a c section.!! I cannot recommend her highly enough…for her expertise and kind and caring manner.” NN, Dublin

Postnatal Depression

I am truly indebted to Anne for her help. When I had my second child I was sooo happy to have had my baby but I didn’t know what hit me, I was an emotional wreck. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, felt really alone even though family visited often, and really sad and anxious. I knew I loved my baby and felt guilty for feeling so sad but couldn’t shake the deep sad feeling inside.

Even though I had everything perfect, a house, hubby and family help, I couldn’t shake the feeling of anxiety and sometimes despair. I think I cried every day for the first couple of months. I went to the doctor who prescribed antidepressants but I was breastfeeding and really didn’t want medical intervention. That’s when Anne stepped in (my sister recommended her) and thank god I followed her advice.

Anne spent well over an hour really listening to me then gave me remedies and followed up with calls and follow-up remedies. Honestly I felt like a new woman and haven’t looked back. Anne truly has a gift, I cannot recommend her enough. KM, Naas.

Postnatal Depression followed by Menopause

“I first went to see Anne at the suggestion of a friend. I had been on anti-depressants for post-natal depression and had weaned down to the lowest possible dosage but couldn’t seem to get myself off that last little bit and this friend suggested that a homeopath could help with this. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the first session with Anne but she just asked me loads of questions about myself. My habits. How I was likely to react in certain situations etc. Some questions no-one had ever asked me before and it made me think about things in a different way. It was totally cathartic. It also helped me to see why I was on meds on the first place! I came out feeling lighter – as if I had shed a huge load and strangely – even though I didn’t receive my first remedy for a few days – I started feeling the positive effects straight away. This is a phenomenon I have experienced with Anne on many occasions over the years. I ended up being able to completely come off the anti-depressants within a month of starting my remedy and have never looked back.

Recently I have been seeing her to help control my menopause symptoms as I am not able to take HRT. Every time – the issue I need help with (night sweats / hot flushes / rages / weepiness / depression) eases immediately or at worst within three days of taking the remedy.

Another aspect of Anne’s treatment that I really appreciate is how she is available for a follow up call or text should I need it. And she is never stinting with her advice on the kids if I ask. Two years ago I attended a short evening course she gave on Homeopathic First Aid for coughs, colds, flus and stomach bugs. It was easily the best, most informative and life changing 2 hours I have ever spent. I bought a basic remedy kit and have been using it ever since. If Anne’s not careful I’ll be putting her out of business!

In short – she is a powerful, caring, intuitive healer who I am delighted to have helping me.” PK, Dublin


“I had suffered from anxiety and depression for many years. I had lost a son in 1988 and also been electrocuted in our house the Christmas of the same year. A few years after that I started taking anti depressants and have been on them and various doses of them ever since. I felt outside my own life and that of my children and wife, like everything was going on around me, numbed out of the joy and numbed out of the depression. The anxiety I still suffered was unreal, maybe 5 hours sleep awake at 5 or 6 am, heart racing with worries, everything wrong, weeks spent in bed not able to get up. I wanted to do my work but I just had no power no energy. I could write a list as long as your arm. Anne was recommended to my wife by a friend of hers who had had migraine and had helped her. She told us she is like a gardener she gets the gloves on and gets digging!!! I was very nervous going up to see her. I told her some things what I could think of including the death of my son and the electrocution. Anne asked me where I felt the electric shock most and I said my head, I thought my head would explode. No one had ever listened to that symptom ever, it had no significance in the medical world. I was given a remedy to take daily for a month and a follow up meeting was arranged for a months time. I didn’t notice much of a change for a week to 10 days but after that daily I began to improve. I felt more present in the world around me, my family, my wife, my farm. My concentration came back, my interest in day to day things just opened up. I started to enjoy life, holidays, nights out, family meals and just ordinary things. It wasn’t a high but a feeling of being alive and present. That was 18 months ago. In all that time I had 1 slight anxiety attack at about 3 months into homeopathy treatment. I contacted Anne and a new remedy was given and to this day I am anxiety free. To be able to sleep all night every night, to wake up in good form, to laugh, to be comfortable going out, to be able to do my work is just new life to me. I am still on antidepressants but they have been reduced to 3 per day instead of 5 a day. I suppose the biggest thing I did is to go into a travel agents and buy a sun holiday for myself and my wife, plan it all and give it to her for her birthday. In 30 years of marriage I had never done anything like that. Everyone says I look great now and I feel great just grand not a high just grand. What more could ye ask for. Thank You Anne, G. K., Westmeath”


“I went to see Anne a few years ago for severe anxiety and other issues. Anne got me straight away and I knew at that first meeting she was the woman to help me gain control of these issues. Anne is a brilliant listener, very intuitive and compassionate and very knowledgeable. She is doing one of the jobs she was born to do, helping people, and she does it so well. Anne knew the exact remedy for me and within a month I could feel it working, I felt more calm and hopeful, when panic started to rise I could feel it subsiding straight away, I was amazed, and my confidence has greatly increased as a result. As my issues were many and very deep rooted I continued taking this particular remedy for over a year and it transformed me, my anxiety is not an issue today, I am a much calmer person and I deal with challenges much better. Anne has helped me in so many ways and I am very grateful to her. I strongly and highly recommend Anne, she understands and cares about every individual who goes to her for help, she treats people with the greatest respect and kindness.
Thanks Anne for all your help.”
Margaret, Kildare.

Anxiety in Children

“I brought my daughter who suffers from anxiety to see Anne for a consultation. Her ability to extract information from a worried child while putting her completely at ease is a testament to her expertise as a homeopath and indeed a mother..I would have no hesitation in recommending this lady and indeed have her on speed dial!!!”


I first contacted Anne to see if she could help my son..I must say I had been to G.p first but I wasn’t prepared to put my son on medicines for bedwetting he was having a terrible time with  wetting the bed…he had never been dry at night he was still wearing nappies at night…He was very sad by this as his twin brother wasn’t wearing nappies and he felt terrible about it..I contacted Anne to see if she could help. After speaking to her I instantly knew she could really put my mind at ease…I knew in my heart that she could help…within weeks my son was out of nappies and as he says himself ” being dry makes him feel fantastic ” Thanks so much for helping my son and I look forward to the wonders that Anne can do with the rest of my family. (A, Limerick)

Children’s Health Issues and Hormones – from a converted cynic!

“Now I must say for you cynics out there like probably myself, I am a firm believer in traditional medicine. Myself and my family would not be sick people and would rarely visit a doctor but if sick that’s where I go. I would not have thought about using homeopathic remedies, until I met Anne. My daughter was very susceptible to ear infections and I really disliked having to give antibiotics all the time as they would effect her quite badly afterwards. I had met Anne through my daughter’s school and got chatting as you do at the school gates. Anne told me what she did and I found the idea interesting and thought no harm let’s give it a go. Anne had a consultation with my daughter and myself and asked very many questions which at first I found strange, why are you are asking about personality, habits etc .. But it’s all to discover how that patient works and Anne has a wonderful way at making you at ease and drawing out the answers she requires without really realising she is doing it, even getting information from quite a shy young girI. I found it quite fascinating. Needless to say after taking the prescribed remedy we now are free of ear infections. From that meeting onwards, I started looking at myself and how Anne could maybe help me. A busy mother, business owner, hormonal and generally a bit of a stress head !! My turn to talk to Anne which, for someone like me to talk about myself and my feelings, I find difficult; again, it was nothing to worry about. Anne got my personality and everything she needed from my consultation which was not painful at all and done with professionalism and ease. I have been taking a remedy now for coming up to a year and it has 100% definitely contributed to me leading a less stressful life. In my house now if one of my family has a Health issue she is the lady I go to. We have had remedies for ear infections, stress, hormones, cold sores, chest and cough issues. I would highly recommend Anne without hesitation. Thank you Anne” MK, Ireland

Fertility, Pregnancy & Family Health Issues

I cannot recommend Anne Collins, Homeopath enough she is more than just a homeopath it is like speaking with a doctor, counsellor & friend all at the same time. She gives her time & goes above & beyond to treat me & my family, has dropped so many remedies in my door morning to night saved me many a trip to doctor & hospital.

Anne treated me for sooo many things it’s hard to list – from Fertility issues / Pregnancy & all its complications including morning sickness, hormones, hayfever etc… I also used Anne’s remedies for birth & postnatal complications due to hormones.

She has also treated my now 3 yr old from everything from colic, teething, coughs, eczema to head trauma from a bad fall the list is endless. Thank you Anne u are a very authentic & genuine person thank you from the bottom of my heart xx Gill, Naas

Tantrums in Children

“My daughter age 5 was throwing tantrums at the thought of getting showered or having a bath, no matter how I coaxed or chatted to her or consoled her. A friend of mine suggested I bring her to Anne Collins, as she had had great success with her son for homeopathic treatment of night terrors. I contacted Anne and a few days after our consultation a remedy arrived in the post. Remedy to be taken once per day for 3 days. The improvement was almost immediate. 6 months later she remains happy to wash and shower and is a lot more easy going. Wish I had heard about Anne sooner!” SK, Ireland

Childbirth Kits

“Cannot recommend this enough!!! Took on my second baby and helped move my labour along when it was taking forever!! Epidural didn’t work, it helped with that too and I bounced back from the whole experience!!! Best thing I ever did!” Mel in Naas