Feeling Nervous?

There are many popular remedies used for anticipatory anxiety for some of the following upcoming events –

  • public speaking
  • lecturing
  • special event
  • big sporting competition
  • exam nerves
  • driving test
  • getting married
  • new job / school
  • any event that is causing you anxiety and stress

It doesn’t matter how experienced, knowledgeable or amazing you are – there are times when the ‘nerves’ just get the better of you. There are some popular remedies to help with this and I’m listing them here for you to try.


Aconite 30 – great remedy for fear and anticipation; fear would be the stronger emotion where you feel distressed and anxious by the upcoming event. May have palpitations with the fear and distress.

Arg Nit 30 – one of the most used remedies for anticipatory anxiety. Diarrhoea or loose stools from the ‘nerves’ is a good indicator for this remedy. Can be fretful and restless.

Gelsemium 30 – this remedy differs from Arg Nit in a couple of ways. One of the main differences is that the person wants to urinate with ‘nerves’. The person can go more into ‘freeze’ mode from nerves and the mind can go blank. May be trembling or stuttering with anxiety.

Lycopodium 30 – this is such a great remedy for so many things. Anxiety about an upcoming event usually comes from their lack of self-confidence and low self-belief, even though they are actually very capable. The people who like to use Lycopodium will be very prepared for the event and, even though they feel they are not good enough to do it, will actually be brilliant once they start.


As always with homeopathy, there are more remedies than listed here for this. But these are the first ones to consider. And if they are not quite hitting the spot for you, contact me and I can advise on some remedies which are less well known.

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