What happens in a Homeopathic Consultation?

Anne Collins explains in detail how the homeopathic consultation works.

Because homeopathy is not a hands-on therapy, people often wonder what actually happens in a homeopathic consultation?

  • The first thing you do is book in a time slot that suits you best – you can do this via my online calendar HERE.
  • The first homeopathic consultation typically lasts 50-60 mins.
  • It is important to note that homeopathy is a holistic energetic medicine. Homeopathy treats the individual person, who has symptoms or signs of imbalance, rather than treating the symptom itself. The remedy will be given to match the individual person, not the disease label or presenting symptom.

The Consultation

  • We start the consult by you giving me an overview of what you need help with at that particular time. This then leads into a detailed discussion between us as we delve further into your symptoms – which usually follows the format of me asking lots of questions which allows you to give me a good understanding of your complaint(s)

Example –

Please note this example is of the typical questions asked in an anxiety case. I also work with lots of other conditions and issues.

  • ME – “What can I help you with today?”
  • You – “I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks?”
  • ME – “When did this start?”
  • You – “It started x years / months ago”
  • ME – “Anything in particular trigger it?”
  • You – “Yes my Mum died around the same time” OR “Yes I had a terrible car crash” OR “Yes I got divorced” OR “I was abused” OR “I think I was born with it to be honest” OR something else

Then I look for details – lots and lots and lots of details !!

Example – 

  • ME – “How does your anxiety and panic manifest?” “What are your anxiety symptoms?”
  • You – “I am constantly worried about dying” OR “I cannot have any mess whatsoever in the house; I’m constantly cleaning” OR “People just terrify me”
  • ME – “Tell me what actually happens?”
  • You – “My heart races” “I feel faint” “I want to run away and escape” “I can’t think straight” “My fingers and hands tingle” “My tummy goes into a knot” “I can’t breathe, my chest is so tight” “I feel dizzy” “I can’t sit still” “I can’t sleep” OR Something else….
  • I will look for situations that trigger or exacerbate your complaint
    • Example – crowds / meeting people / family’s health / financial worries / worse in morning / worse at night / public speaking / thinking there is something wrong health-wise
  • And we follow the flow of this as more information and memories surface
  • Then I look for information on anything else you are prone to getting; especially issues that are RECURRING or ONGOING. This can sometimes be physical.
    • Example – tonsillitis every year / headaches / coughs / hayfever / psoriasis / constipation / piles / asthma / diarrhoea / IBS / vertigo / cystitis / something else ….
  • As always – it is all in the DETAILS! So there’ll be lots of questions, some might seem strange, to find out about you and who you are as a person, how you are when sick, and lots more
  • Then general information is required such as sleep / digestion / thirst / body temperature / food cravings / appetite / habits / personality traits / fears or phobias / hobbies / work / life in general / childhood / other
  • Every case is different and therefore the focus is very individual to a particular case. It is important to let the case taking flow naturally. Some people will talk a lot about their childhood or any traumas which had a big impact on their life. Others will talk about physical complaints which keep recurring. Others focus on something else. There is no right or wrong way to give your information; it tends to just flow naturally within the consultation.
  • We never force any information. What is said in the consultation is what is needed to be said – as this is where you need help the most.
  • As treatment progresses, other issues may surface which are dealt with at that time – this is known as a layered approach – where we treat the presenting layer as it arises.
  • Then we finish.

The Analysis

  • The analysis stage can take a number of days to go through all your information and research the best matching remedy (or remedies) suitable to your case. There are thousands of remedies but most cases fall within 200-300 possible remedies. 


  • This is done at time of booking via my online calendar.

The Prescription

  •  Your prescription comes in one of two ways –
  1. I will make up your prescription and post it to you with detailed instructions. All Irish, UK and European cases have their prescription posted.
  2. I will email you a prescription with information on your nearest homeopathic pharmacy.
  • The prescription will match you as a unique individual, including what you want help with. Homeopathy is holistic so always focuses on the complete person.
  • You take your prescribed remedies for a set number of weeks (typically 4 to 6 weeks) at which time you then attend your next follow-up appointment.

Follow-up Appointment

  • This follow-up homeopathic consultation is to review your progress and determine what and if any improvements have been experienced. The typical remedy reactions that you will experience can be –
    • Improvement to the main complaint
    • Initial improvement but then plateaued
    • Initial improvement but then regressed
    • Symptoms intensified for a short time, followed by improvement
    • An old complaint you had in the past re-appears for a short time period
    • Something shifts and, although not a dramatic improvement, there is a definite change starting
    • Nothing happens whatsoever
  • There are a number of reasons for these different reactions to treatment. Which I will explain in a future blog.
  • A continuation follow-up homeopathic consultation may be required after this – it is very individual and case dependent.

If you’d like to work directly with me, please book an online consultation via my calendar here