Homeopathy for Anxiety

Choosing Homeopathy for Anxiety

This is the story of how a young woman’s life was changed within a number of months after choosing homeopathy for anxiety and insomnia.

Here are her own words:

“Anne Collins treated me for insomnia and anxiety and I can safely say I have never felt more looked after and listened to in consultation with any practitioner. Anne is so thorough, and didn’t leave a stone unturned when asking me questions in order to get the right remedies for me. Her remedies gave me such support, and I felt such reassurance from my contact with Anne.

I am a hundred times better now than I was, my insomnia is gone and my anxiety is so much better, I am managing so well. I felt the perfect remedies were chosen for me, Anne is clearly amazingly intuitive and exceptional at what she does. I would happily recommend her to anyone, especially anyone suffering anxiety or insomnia. Not only were the remedies she chose perfect for me – and they helped me daily and at all times that I felt I needed them throughout the day or night – but also the phonecalls with Anne helped me so much; that contact and support and reassurance were absolutely vital to me at the time and I am forever grateful to Anne for what she did for me. I am truly amazed at what was achieved, I am like a different person compared with how I was two months ago. Anne’s compassion and empathy shine through and she clearly excels at what she does. I am so grateful to her.

And, with the help of Anne’s remedies, I was able to avoid prescription drugs for anxiety and sleep.”

NM, Ireland

When I first spoke with Niamh, she had been awake every night for more than a month! She goes through periods of Anxiety and Insomnia but this episode was one of the worst.

Surviving on brief naps during the day, she just couldn’t switch her mind off at night. I don’t know how she was managing as she had a young family.

She would feel sleepy before bed-time but then her Anxiety would really escalate. The more she tried to sleep, the worse it got. She describes her thoughts as “intrusive and irrational”. Her Anxiety made her feel “fraught with terror”. She was afraid she was going insane.

Physical symptoms during Anxiety included racing heart and tight chest.

The words Niamh used were “I feel desperate”.

There were some other issues within the case which led me to particular remedies.

The First Prescription was a combination of remedies. The main remedy focused specifically on her individual anxiety and insomnia, taking into account what she suspected was the trigger for this episode, and she took daily. She was also given a therapeutic remedy alongside for sleep.

The names of these remedies will not be published for privacy reasons. Also because homeopathy is case dependent and individual.

After this prescription, Niamh started to feel more “stable” and was able to sleep. She described it as having more “optimism and more energy”.

The Second Prescription was given one month later.

Niamh felt better again – “I’m so much better, I’m doing great”. Her sleep had improved and she felt unburdened from anxiety. You can read her own words at the start of this post. Or go to my Feedback page HERE for lots more.

Niamh continues to do well.

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