Homeopathy for Conjunctivitis

Listed below are some of the most common homeopathic remedies for Conjunctivitis. 

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Red, stinging, puffy eyes. Eyes watering with hot tears. Painful. Better for cold applications.



Eyes burning. Bloodshot, sensitive to light, and BURNING.



Great remedy for eye complaints. Eyes burning, swollen and irritated. Lots and lots of blinking. Eyes watering constantly, burning the outer skin. Feeling of sand in eyes. Pus in eyes.



One of the first remedies for Conjunctivitis. Eyes sore, aching, itchy and red. Discharge thick and yellow (Important – does NOT burn the outer skin). Eyelids glued together. The Pulsatilla picture may be seen – clingy and whinging.



HOT, painful, red, irritated, burning eyes. Feeling of sand or grit in eyes. Itchy. Washing eyes irritates them more. That feeling of HEAT is key for Sulphur.