Homeopathy for Croup

Listed below are the most commonly used homeopathic remedies for Croup. Please also see  website for Info on Coughs.


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First stage. Comes on suddenly. Often around midnight. Dry, hard, barking cough. Constant. Irritating. May have high temperature.



Croupy, choking cough. Rattling, loose chesty cough. Difficult to cough up phlegm. Coughs up thick, yellow phlegm. Feels very cold and wants to be covered. Irritable, critical and impatient with cough.



Dry tickling cough. Cough worse from cold air, talking, laughing. Dry burning sensation in throat. Hoarseness. Lingering cough. Thirsty and want ice-cold drinks or ice-cream.



MOST COMMONLY USED REMEDY for croup. Dry, barking croupy cough – sounds like a seal barking. Typical croup sound. Attacks of coughing.