Homeopathy for Earaches

Listed below are some of the most common homeopathic remedies foe Earaches and Ear issues.

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Sudden onset. Can be triggered from shock/trauma (including physical, eg. being outside on a cold, windy day). Early stage of illness. Comes on around midnight. Fever with dilated pupils. Restless and fearful.



Big remedy for Earaches with fever and a lot of pain. Comes on suddenly. Red, hot, throbbing pains.



Unbearable pains. Cannot bear to be touched on painful area. Can be linked to teething in babies and young children. Very irritable. Inconsolable. Wants to be carried. Wants things, then throws them in frustration.



Severe stitching pain. Often starts in left ear and extends to right. Can be accompanied by sore throat. Ear very sensitive and worse for touch, wind, open air or least draught. Smelly discharge from ear. Better for warmth. Very irritable.



Earache with low grade fever. Darting pulsating pain. Worse at night and for heat. “Glue ear”. Hearing reduced. Better for fresh air. Weepy and clingy. Doesn’t want to be alone.