Homeopathy for Fever

Listed below are some of the most common homeopathic remedies for Fever. 

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Can be triggered from shock/trauma (including physical, eg. being outside on a cold, windy day). Midnight is a strong indication. Thirsty. Dilated pupils. Fearful.



Very common remedy for high fevers. Dry burning fever. Starts suddenly. Hot and looks hot – face red and hot. Hands and feet feel cold. Thirstless. Pains are throbbing. Can be delirious with fever.



Fever with fatigue, weakness and exhaustion. Eyelids heavy and drooping. Sore limbs. Chills up and down back. Shivering. Good flu remedy.



Body hot, limbs cold. Temps that fluctuate (wants to be covered, then wants to kick off covers). Chilly and thirstless. Clingy, moaning and whinging.