Homeopathy for Headaches

Listed below are some of the most common homeopathic remedies for headaches and migraine.

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Great remedy for both Migraines and Headaches. Belladonna is THROBBING. Or feels like your head is going to burst. Often a right-sided headache. Tends to come on suddenly. Sense of heat in head, or a hot face.



Often left-sided Migraines and Headaches. Pain usually begins over left eye or forehead and spreads over head. Head feels heavy, congested, full. STITCHING or SPLITTING pain. Any movement aggravates the pain, even moving the eyes. Better for pressure on the painful spot.



Exhausting Migraines and Headaches. HEAVINESS in head, with heavy eyelids; can hardly hold head up or eyes open. Feels weak or trembles with headache. Headache better after urinating.


Nat Mur

Very common remedy for Migraines and Headaches. Typically comes on in the morning time. Or after being in the sun. Especially good for school children. HAMMERING or PULSATING headache, mostly in forehead. May feel nauseous. Nat Mur is a great grief remedy so if headache is associated with grief, consider this remedy.



Throbbing, changeable headache. Nervous headache. Headache when tummy is over-full with food. Worse for blowing nose, lying down or stooping. Headache better for fresh air. Self-pitying and weepy.



HORMONAL Migraines and Headaches. During monthly periods or menopause. Dull pain in head. Often left-sided headaches, or over left eye.