Natural Remedies for Colds

Here are a list some great Homeopathic Natural Remedies for Colds, and their characteristic indications. Of course, there are lots more but these would be the best ones to start with (and easily available).

Natural Remedies for Colds to Use at Home

  1. Aconite

Early stages, feverish, starts around midnight. Anxious. Dilated pupils. Can have high temperature. Can be triggered from shock/trauma (including physical, eg. being outside on a cold, windy day).

  1. Arsenicum

Watery, burning discharge which reddens and burns the top lip and skin between nose and lip. Frequent painful sneezing. Eyes burn. Sinuses blocked, painful. Chilly, restless and anxious.

  1. Belladonna

High fever. Redness, heat and rawness of throat, ears and nose. Dry heat over body. Extremities may be cold.

  1. Bryonia

Symptoms come on gradually. Thirsty for cold water. Any movement makes them worse. Want to be left alone. Very irritable ‘bear with a sore head!’. Headache.

  1. Nat Mur

Lots of sneezing with runny nose. Thirsty. Lips dry and cracked. Watery discharge – from eyes, nose.

  1. Nux Vom

Nose feels tight, headache. Nose runs during the day; blocked at night. Watery discharge. Frequent sneezing. Irritable and bossy.

  1. Phosphorous

Blood streaked discharge. Hoarse. Sore throat. Very thirsty for cold drinks. Cold goes to chest quickly.

  1. Pulsatilla

Thick yellow-green bland discharge. Symptoms feel worse in the evening or indoors but better from fresh air. A cough may develop. Tearful, clingy and feeling sorry for themselves. Whiny. Thirstless.

These are just a few remedies which can be used for everyday colds. If these remedies are not helping, then you will have to look at other remedies (there are many!) and choose a remedy that is most suitable to the individual. Having an experienced homeopath to call upon for advice is advisable.

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