Natural Remedies for Sleep

Homeopathy has lots of natural remedies for sleep

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have an imaginary friend who would come and sing

♪ ♪ Rock-a-bye-baby ♪ ♪

to us at night. To help us ease into a deep refreshing rejuvenating sleep.

But instead some of us feel like our brain is in party-mode and just won’t switch off.

Do you suffer with any of this?

  • Mind racing with thoughts of unimportant things
  • Mind racing with worries and anxieties
  • Feel restless, mentally & physically
  • Feel wide awake, ready for action, like you could go out and run a marathon
  • Cannot switch off your mind
  • Wired but tired, then your body decides at 6 am to start winding down for sleep, just when you are supposed to be getting up to start your day!

This is such a common complaint. And often, but not always, goes alongside other physical and emotional complaints.

I’m listing out here some of the most popular homeopathic natural remedies people like to use for sleep. Sometimes other physical or emotional issues are causing sleep disturbance so finding a remedy which treats the person rather than one label such as ‘sleep issues’ is a much better way to treat.


Please note that the remedies listed below are the homeopathic potentised remedy.


Very restless and anxious. Waking between midnight and 1am. Awake until after 3 am.

Avena Sativa

Chronic insomnia. Insomnia from worries, workload, stress, alcohol. Sleep issues after an illness, acute or chronic.


Restless sleep. Frequent waking. Drowsy but cannot sleep. Feels irritable. Sleeplessness in babies due to teething, colic, pain.


Cannot sleep due to excited thoughts or hearing slightest noise. Mind keeps making plans and cannot switch off. Has imaginations and thoughts of doing heroic deeds.


Obsessed with getting the correct hours of sleep. Even the slightest amount of sleep lost can cause problems. Issues from sleep deprivation. Insomnia when nursing or caring for loved ones.


This remedy is made from coffee, so it has that ‘wired but tired’ feeling. Mind racing with thoughts. Cannot switch off the mind. Sleepless after drinking coffee. Lots of ideas swirling around the mind.


Sleep issues triggered by grief. Can be insomnia, or increased sleepiness.


Waking between 2 and 4 am. No real cause for insomnia. Jerks or starting in sleep.


Waking between 3 and 4 am. Difficulty getting back to sleep. Sleepless even though exhausted.


Very restless and disturbed sleep. Wakes with a jolt. Feels absolutely wrecked in morning.


Waking with leg and foot cramps. Drowsy in morning.


Insomnia from grief or from sadness and disagreeable events in their past. Cries during sleep. Dreams about their grief and sad past events.

Nux Vomica

Waking between 3 and 4 am thinking about work and business, or tasks that must be completed. Then cannot go back to sleep until morning. Might have partaken in rich food/alcohol/tobacco the previous day.


Just can’t sleep. Restless and wide awake.


Sleepless due to a song or words of a song going over and over in the mind.

Rhus Tox

Insomnia due to physical restlessness (mental too but more physical). Restless legs keeping person awake. Can’t get comfortable.


Disturbed sleep, restless, must move around. Wakes still feeling tired.


Sleepy all day then can’t sleep at night. Tends to go to bed late due to increased activity of mind.


Restlessness and jerking keeps waking the person. Clenching jaw and grinding teeth. Restless feet while asleep. Cries and shouts out in sleep without being aware.

These remedies are great to try at home yourself. But if your sleep is still a problem, please do get in touch. You can book an Online Consultation via my Online Calendar here