Perimenopause & Fatigue

Is Fatigue an issue for you during your perimenopause?

  • Have you experienced a drop in energy levels?
  • Are you struggling to get through the day?
  • Do you have that afternoon slump where you just feel exhausted?
  • Do you wake up feeling like you haven’t even slept?
  • Is your life impacted by your lack of energy and motivation?
  • Are you using sugar and/or stimulants to get you through the day?

Fatigue is a common issue of perimenopause, and indeed menopause, and something I work with regularly. Changes in hormones can sometimes have an impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Sleep, energy levels and mood are often ‘side-effects’ of these hormonal changes.

Fatigue is not something you have to continue to live with. Yes, as women we are busy! We work, have busy families, look after our homes and gardens, may be minding elderly relatives, and try to have some time for ourselves. It is important to have life balance if possible.

But if fatigue is draining you of energy, fun, motivation and a natural zest for life, then you might need to do something about it.

There are lots of options for this – homeopathy being one of them.

Lots of homeopathic remedies have been used for many years for symptoms including fatigue. Treating the individual person is always the best way to use homeopathy. Finding out who a person really is, what makes them tick, what they like and don’t like, and any other symptoms or issues going on.

Homeopathy – Perimenopause & Fatigue

Often there is more than one issue with a person. It might be fatigue compounded by sleep issues, or weight gain. There may be period irregularities going on, or fertility issues.

Homeopathy treats the individual person; not just a ‘disease label’ or particular complaint. Homeopathy treats who a person inherently is, with the inclusion of whatever issue is causing a struggle, such as fatigue, or other complaint.

Remedies such as Phos-ac, Kali-phos, Phosphorous are just a few of the possibilities for fatigue. There are many more and it is impossible to suggest any remedy without getting all the information first.

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