Poop Issues in Young Children – Natural Approach

So how many of us have a young child or toddler with Poop Issues?

Bet there’s loads of us who know all about ‘Poop Issues’.

This is something I’m contacted about a lot. And, with everything in life, there is no one-size-fits-all approach!

What are the usual reasons I hear for why a child won’t poop?

  • don’t want to go
  • hurts to go
  • afraid to go
  • embarrassed to go
  • forgets to go
  • hides to go (eg. behind curtains etc)
  • can’t go (constipated)
  • stuggling to learn to go (due to other issues)

There are lots of popular remedies which have been used for many many years for this.

When taking a child’s case, it is about getting down to their own individual reason(s) for the Poop Issues, alongside the holistic information relevant to this child – who they are inherently, what they like to do, and their general characteristics and traits. Then remedies can be prescribed.

Additional supporting remedies can also be prescribed – for example, tissue salts (which are easily available in health food shops) can really help a child.


One child wouldn’t poop in the toilet. Would go in underwear rather than toilet or potty. The emotional link was embarrassment about seeing their own poop in the toilet bowl. A good remedy which matches these indicators is Ambra Grisea. Constipation and embarrassment are keynotes of this remedy.

Another example of a traumatic experience with pooping. Withholds poop as afraid of it hurting. Nat-Mur covers the constipation and emotional trauma of this scenario.

Lots of children with constipation have used remedies such as Alumina, Calc-c, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Plumbum, Silica and much more. With homeopathy, an individualised approach is paramount. This takes into account all aspects of the child so that a best-matched remedy can be prescribed. Individual information based on who a child is inherenty, what they like, and their own unique characteristics and traits.

For more info on treating constipation in children, see HERE.

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