Sleepless Baby !

  • Do you have a Sleepless Baby or is your baby crying during the night?
  • Is your sleepless baby keeping you awake for no apparent reason?
  • Is there any way of helping?
  • Do you have to wait until baby ‘grows out’ of it?
  • Is there anything ‘Natural’ we can give to help a Sleepless Baby?

Sleepless Baby

Is there anything causing your baby to wake, or not sleep through the night?

The first reasons for a sleepless baby to think of are:

  • Colic or Pain
  • Reflux
  • Teething
  • Sickly – cold, cough, flu, tonsillitis, ear infection, etc
  • Eczema – itch is driving them mad

There are plenty of popular homeopathic remedies which have been used for many years for these issues.

For Colic, remedies such as Colocynthis or Mag-Phos are very popular.

Reflux – Aethusa, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica are popular.

Chamomilla is regularly used for Teething.

For issues such as Colds, Coughs, Flu, Tonsillitis, Ear Infections or other, please check under my Home Use tab for info on the most popular remedies.

Eczema needs to be treated by a professional homeopath. A full case history and consultation is needed.

If you’d like to work directly with me, please book an online consultation via my calendar here

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Then of course there are the not-so obvious causes for Sleepless Baby.

Nightmares, Fears, Clinginess, Habit, Traumatic Birth, or ….. – no reason whatsoever!

When recording case details for a baby or child, the Mum’s pregnancy and child’s actual birth can be important.

How was pregnancy? Any trauma or frights? How long was labour? Did baby get stuck at all? Was baby born naturally or c-section? Forceps? How was baby immediately after birth? And how has he/she progressed since? Was she/he always a Sleepless Baby? Or, if she/he used to sleep but then stopped, did something happen beforehand? Is there a trigger? And lots lots more questions!

The times and patterns of baby waking can lead to particular remedies as most remedies have associated times where issues can be aggravated or eased.

Homeopathy always treats the person not the symptom or dis-ease label. So getting a full and detailed case history and specific info on the individual characteristics and traits of the person is what leads to best matching remedies.

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