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Temper Tantrums

Is your child prone to throwing temper tantrums?

Throwing, kicking, biting, screaming, hysterical crying – all typical behaviours of children during tantrums. Outbursts of anger and rage that cannot be controlled by the child.

Here’s what one Mum said about working with me for her daughter’s tantrums.

“My daughter age 5 was throwing tantrums constantly at the thought of getting showered or having a bath, no matter how I coaxed or chatted to her or consoled her. A friend of mine suggested I bring her to Anne Collins, as she had had great success with her son for homeopathic treatment of night terrors. I contacted Anne and a few days after our consultation a remedy arrived in the post. Remedy to be taken once per day for 3 days. The improvement was almost immediate. 6 months later she remains happy to wash and shower and is a lot more easy going. Wish I had heard about Anne sooner!” SK, Ireland

Some children (and teenagers) are more prone to temper tantrums than others.

And, of course, toddlers can be more prone than anybody as they feel frustrated due to their limited communication skills and act out that frustration. The joys of the “the terrible twos”!

But, with the beauty of individuality, not every toddler throws tantrums. Clinging and whinging is also quite common but different remedies can be used for this.

When can Homeopathy be considered for Tantrums?

  • When things are out of control.
  • When tantrums are impacting on your family life.
  • When you feel you can’t cope.
  • When you have tried other methods, which have failed to help.

Temper tantrums are an indication of ‘imbalance’ within a child. Being ‘out of balance’ is not unusual. Some of us have digestive imbalance, some of us have recurring ear infections, asthma, migraines, the list is endless. And some have Temper Tantrums.

I am listing some remedies here which are popular amongst home prescribers of homeopathy. This is a very small list of possible remedies – you may need to work directly with a homeopath. Homeopaths will take a holistic view of every child – focusing on each child’s own unique personality and characteristic traits.

Homeopathy treats the person rather than the dis-ease label or symptom.

Homeopathy is not about changing a child’s personality. It is focused on bringing that child back into balance, both physically and emotionally. And reducing the tantrums so that the child can feel a sense of well-being and contentment.

Popular Remedies for Tantrums in Children

  1. Cina – If you suspect the child has worms. Child can be very cross. Will scream, and bite, and hit.
  2. Calc-Phos – Children who are dissatisfied with everything and cannot be pleased. Children who are bored easily and want to be out and about, going to different places.
  3. Nux Vomica – Ambitious children who are independent, impatient and head-strong. Usually want something NOW and, if not, tantrums result in destructive tendencies – kicks, bites, spits, hits.
  4. Chamomilla – Made from chamomile so very good at calming children. Particularly good if anger and tantrums are from teething or colicky pains. Demanding children who are very sensitive to pain. So sensitive that they can become violent and angry.

Other possible remedies are Stramonium, Hyoscyamus, Tuberculinum, Staphisagria, Calc-carb, Thuja and many many more ….

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Remedies can be sourced from some local health food shops and the online homeopathic pharmacies.