Teething & Homeopathy

An individualised Teething remedy can be made for babies & toddlers who are struggling with teething. Parents often want to take a more natural approach for their baby and I have been prescribing teething remedies for many years which are very popular.

Some babies & toddlers will do well on the ‘typical’ homeopathic teething remedies listed here –

  • Chamomilla
  • Mag-Phos
  • Calc
  • Silicea

Other babies & toddlers will need different remedies which are not so well known.

Remedy choice always depends on the actual symptoms going on for a child. Some babies will bite down on whatever they can, some will have lots of drooling, others will have mood swings and unbearable pain. Gums can be red and swollen, reduced appetite, sleep issues, dirty nappies and sore bum.

Sleep is often a big issue for teething babies and this can have a big impact on parents. There are also lots of remedy options for sleep.

With homeopathy, it is important to match the symptoms that your baby is experiencing with a particular remedy. If some of the symptoms listed above might be what your child is struggling with, then finding a remedy that has those symptoms listed is key.

This is when working with a professional and registered homeopath is important. They will have the knowledge and experience to easily choose remedies based on the individuality of your child. They will also decide on best potency, dosage and frequency. There are lots of possible remedies and potencies available to a homeopath which home prescribers won’t have access to.

Homeopathy is a popular choice worldwide with millions of parents making that choice.

If you would like to know more about using homeopathy for babies, please see HERE.

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